Healers: How to Protect and Honor Your Business by using Contracts

SIL - healers  

Healers often tell me they don’t “do” contracts because they don’t want to create barriers between their clients and themselves. And then something goes wrong. Like really wrong. Like something that could destroy the cash flow of a business, or worse.

It could bring the business into debt or find them in court.

Let’s back track a bit. As healers, we are really mindful about protecting our energetic boundaries. We need to because of the potential for compromising our energy. Just so we are clear, I am making a distinction between our physical boundaries like our skin and our energetic boundaries which I see as our auras. When we have an energetic boundary compromised, it is essentially when two or more auras collide and there is an exchange of energy (conscious or unconscious).

We all have rituals that we conduct before we are doing our work to ensure that we have protected our energetic boundaries. My ritual is hereWhen we think about our business, we protect our business and the assets by securing our office, ensuring we have passwords, backups and firewalls and all the other jazz. But what do we do in terms of our energy?

We have legal contracts.  

Contracts are just another ritual. They are created with the objects we need (contracts) and the intention for sacred space to continue between you and a client by creating the parameters of the relationship. They are a ritual, a conscious and mindful act (using templates - to get the legal jargon sorted) to ensure that an exchange of energy occurs by consent.

Why do we fear them?

Because we have grown up with perceptions of what “law” is like. Most of us have grown up with a perception of law and lawyers. But remember when we used to avoid pumpkin on our plate because, for some strange reason we decided it was gross? And then one day we ate it and realised it is absolutely delicious. Yep, well you might not go that far with law, but you can change your perception of law by seeing people who do it differently, like me for example.  

And there are plenty of lawyers out there just like me, who are working to make the world a better place for everyone, they call themselves holistic lawyers or integrative lawyers. More about this in another blog. Have faith, there is a whole community of lawyers who are drafting conscious contracts, just like the templates I have on this site that create intentional and mindful relationships. So it is possible to be a healer and have a business protected by legal documents that honor the relationship you have with yourself and your right livelihood whilst also demonstrating to your clients that you respect them too. For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact me at here.