Why do You Share Legal Information so Freely?

Why do You Share Legal Information so Freely?

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This. This was an actual question sent to me by someone because they genuinely didn’t understand why I would be open about legal information when I could charge people for it.

This is a transcript of that conversation:

    A: Why do you share legal information so freely?

    Me: What do you mean?

    A: Well, you went to law school and spent thousands of dollars learning that stuff. So why would you give it away for free?

    Me: Because I can.

    A: No, I think there is more to this.

    Me: Can you explain that?

    A: Well, you are good at business, and you are IN business, you should be charging for that stuff. Why share it freely when you could make money from it.  Even get their emails in exchange or something.

    Me: Because it isn’t mine to sell.

    A: Huh?

    Me: This is legal information that anyone could access, they just need to know where to look, and people NEED this information.  

    A: Yeah, but you could really make this into something.

   Me: So make money for the sake of making money?

    A: Yes!

    Me: That’s just not how it works for me.

    A: So you have self esteem issues?

    Me: I don’t know how that is relevant.

    A: You are sabotaging yourself.

    Me: No. I am actually living my values “A”.  My values equal: community, connection, compassion, collaboration, co-creation, consciousness, communication and celebration.

These are my values. The reason I share legal information is that my community needs information. I am collaborating with the Universe (and law) to co-create an awareness of some of the legal issues that face business owners. That information allows them to make decisions with more consciousness. I want to connect them to sources that they may not otherwise know. Why? Because I have compassion for how difficult it is for a layperson to understand the maze, and if I can be part of a communication process that demystifies the law, then that is something to celebrate.

*flicks hair walks away*