Have you got a disagreement, conflict or all out war going on in your life?

Conflict in your:

Family Disagreements
Divorce and post-decree situations
Community disputes

What is it?

Conflict coaching is a specific process applied by trained mediators to assist people in conflict.Historically, conflict coaching has been used in the management of workplace conflict but, I have discovered over the last 30 years that the best predictor of conflict resolution is how willing parties will work with a coach to resolve their conflict.

Conflict coaching is about teaching every single person the skills, strategies and processes they need to: 

  • Clarify and achieve their goals
  • Understand the dynamics of conflict
  • Engage in and manage every day disagreements
  • Productively resolve conflict
  • Effectively and confidently make decisions that assist and/or manage the conflict.  
  • Find the language of respectful communication (compassionate communication)
  • Adopt and use the language of compassionate communication
  • Create a plan of action out of the conflict

In conflict coaching, the coachee, not the conflict coach, is responsible for the outcome.   If you need some assistance with conflict, book in now below for a paid session or a free call to see how I can help.