Hey Peace Lover,

Just as I pledged, here's your Legal Care Package, sent with love from me to you.    

I know what it is like - not knowing where to start and it feels like way too much, but you know you need to take action.

So, this package is designed to give you the information you need to make a list and start the process.

My suggestions:

Start with the Legal Health Check and just answer everything honestly (no judgements here), tally them up and see what score you get - if you are concerned about any of it I have a 15 minute legal health check appointment available - it’s not an opportunity to suck you into the vortex of selling, it is actually a down-to-earth reality check, you know when you go to the doctor and they are just gentle but honest? Yeah that *winks*.

Then - listen to the recordings, particularly the one on the Legal Maze because it will give you some information about what you need to cover in your business, depending on where you are - it’s been created to be clear and simple. Next, listen to my training on how to be spiritually kind, and have your legal lucks in a row. 

If you don’t have a disclaimer on your site, I have given you one here, just adapt it to the business you are doing now, it can always be changed. AND THEN PUT IT ON YOUR SITE, on every page, in small letters (not too small, down the bottom on the footer.) What you want to do is make sure you are limiting your liability and setting the scope of what you do and don’t do.

The email swipe is an extra treat - you can use it over and over again if a potential client is uncomfortable about signing a contract.

Running a business is so much more than just bringing in clients and making money. It is about nurturing relationships and fair exchanges of our energy. And part of that, is knowing how to communicate with people in a way that allows you to set boundaries and for them to feel safe in your hands.  

It is possible to be kind, firm, loving and financially prosperous,

That is why I am here.

Your friend, in peace, love and beautiful legal boundaries,